We Stayed at a MAGICAL Airbnb in Ohio!

Ever since our first Airbnb experience we’ve seen searching for unique Airbnb’s that we could stay at when we go on trips. After our adventure to Columbia Park we found this MAGICAL Airbnb that made us feel like we were in a different time. It is truly amazing that people take so much time to create very unique places for others to stay and enjoy!

Before we made it to the magical Airbnb we had dinner at Your Pit BBQ in Vermillion, Ohio, which was amazing. We would highly recommend going there if you are in the area. After eating dinner we decided to try and find a place to enjoy the sunset. Showse Park is only a few minutes away and offers parking right on the lake to enjoy the sunset.

After watching the sunset it was off to our Airbnb! I was so excited because Kayla had no clue where we were staying which made it quite the surprise when we pulled up.

Getting to the Airbnb

The Magical Airbnb is located in Amherst, OH. This makes it about a 25 minute drive from Columbia Park. Also located really close you can find Cascade Park and David Fortier River Park. You are also very close to Lake Erie so you could easily make a weekend of adventures in Ohio while staying at this Airbnb. Our hosts Stefan & Stacey gave us the exact address after we booked so the location was easy to find.

Our Airbnb Experience

As soon as you enter Stefan & Stacey’s barn you realize just how special it is. They have converted an old barn into a sort of this funky space that has a stage where they actually have concerts, a saloon with a full-size shuffle board table, a loft with a mass king size bed and clawfoot tub and so much more! There are course lights all over the barn which really make it feel magical!

What is amazing is that when you book a stay at this Airbnb you have access to all of this space! It is definitely the largest Airbnb that we’ve stayed at! On top of that there are so many details about this Airbnb that you can just spend hours admiring it all. All of the art, paintings, light fixtures, it is really memorizing!

After our long day at Columbia Park it was nice to just relax and kick back at this Airbnb. There are so many things to do at this Airbnb too! We mentioned there is a full shuffle board table, which Kayla and I enjoyed playing. There is also a full chest of games and even adult coloring books! The hosts have also made a book, which tells their story and gives information on local attractions and restuarants so you are not left guessing about places to go when you are in the area.

While we only spent a single night in this Airbnb it was truly magical and Stefan was nice enough to show us their other Airbnb, which is in the basement of their house. It is also a truly unique place and we will likely stay there the next time we are in the area!

Things to know about this Airbnb

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This airbnb is listed here.

Stefan & Stacey’s other Airbnb listing!

The Airbnb is has pretty much all you need except for food. You have a full kitchen, bedding, towels, etc.

Keep in mind there is only one king size bed.

There is not a traditional shower, but a clawfoot tub with sprayer. (Was a little interesting to use!)

While this Airbnb is located on Stefan & Stacey’s property it is by itself, which makes it perfect for those who like privacy.

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