Kinzua Bridge

About Us

We found each other on April 22, 2018 and have been hand and hand ever since. We grew up in two completely different worlds and somehow we found one another. Bob grew up in the “city life’ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in an area called North Hills and Kayla the complete opposite in the beaches of South Carolina to the rolling hills of West Virginia. While getting to know each other, we found that these opposites had brought us closer. Getting to know one another was not only the best part, but sharing a passion to find the beauty in this world was once in a lifetime.

Bob & Kayla at Lechworth State Park

Bob has been traveling for years around the US and the world with being exceedingly successful in his many business aspirations. Most people know Bob as the founder of ThinkComputers and by his YouTube reviews. Bob spent years, sleepless nights, sacrificing time with family and friends but he knew what he wanted to do and he made it happen. Kayla has spent countless years working in the retail world and working for different corporate offices, while getting her degree in Visual Arts. Kayla was used to working 60 hour weeks, working to provide for her family, and putting her dreams of traveling on hold. Bob encouraged her to develop her desire to explore.

We found out almost instantaneously that we both weren’t expecting this adventure to unfold. We discovered that we shared the passion of traveling, photography, outdoors and videography. Our first trip together was when we knew we wanted to start blogging and to film our experiences as a couple. The first trip brought us even closer, and the next one did the same. We became a team, a couple, and best friends just by hiking in muddy clothes, holding hands through gravel trails, and laughing at one another falling, tripping, and getting to see each other’s imperfections.

Bob & Kayla at Rimrock

This blog is to share how we make our relationship successful, making our dreams of traveling a reality, and to influence people to become the best versions of themselves. We have now gone on countless adventures, obtained countless memories, and overcome countless mountains in our relationship. Our vision is to inspire other couples to never give up when times get rough, to communicate to one another, how to balance work life balance with our hectic schedules, and to focus on what really matters in life. Let the journey begin…