The Most Amazing Airbnb in Pennsylvania!

Do you want to get away, (like away away), so away that you have no wifi, no cell service, a burning campfire, a private creek right outside your bedroom window, homemade maple syrup, and a field filled with amish children laughing and playing in the flowers right next door? This is the place to be. We wanted to go somewhere different, somewhere to just be “us”. We wanted away from the world and away from all the craziness, the distractions, and the chaos of work. This place couldn’t have been more perfect for that. It is definitely a place we will never forget.

Before even arriving to the Airbnb, we wanted to stop for food and some coffee. We found the cutest little coffee shop called Inglebean, which was located in Millheim, Pennsylvania. The town was small, unique and we couldn’t get enough of it. When walking to the coffee shop, you are filled with that “small town feeling” and seeing all the old shops, restaurants, and graffiti. As soon as we walked into Inglebean, we knew we were going to love it. Not only was it “one of a kind” but it smelled so good! We were immediately greeted by two lovely ladies, and instantly felt like family. We decided to start of with smoothies, and Bob ordered a grilled cheese. As soon as Bob’s food came out, I ran to order one. It looked so good and Bob definitely wasn’t sharing (even though he ended up eating half of mine). Our smoothies were delicious (which were uniquely served in mason jars- so cute!), our food was even better, and the customer service was heavenly. We highly recommend this cafe and we loved it so much we even went back the next day for coffee in the morning!

Getting to Millheim

Millheim is located in Centre County, Pennslyvania, which sits almost right in the middle of Pennslyvania. You can easily put Millheim, PA in your phone, from Pittsburgh we took US-22 to I-99 North and it took us about 2 and a half hours to get there. The address for Inglebean is 106 E Main St, Millheim, PA 16854. We definitely recommend going there, even if you are just passing through!

Our Airbnb Experience

After eating at Inglebean, we decided to check out a little park, memorial next to the little town. It had flowers, benches, fountain, and a white gazebo filled with little lights. We walked around this area for a small amount of time but it was such a charming peaceful area. We only stayed a few moments due to needing to get to our Airbnb, which was a total surprise to me and I literally couldn’t wait to see it or even where we were going.

Even though it took us plenty more time than we expected due to some road closures due to paving, and many detours to get to our place, but once we got there, it was all worth it. Unquestionably, was one of the most unique looking cabins I have ever seen (and I am from West Virginia). I couldn’t wait to play on the little swing, jump in the creek, catch lightning bugs, and run through the woods. Our host was amazing and very informative on how to properly use the lights and water. He also gave us a little information on the place and how him and his son built the place. He also started our fire for us and even offered firewood for additional $15, which was great so we didn’t have to venture off to find some. He was exceedingly kind and we were excited to be at an Airbnb that had so much character and love within it.

We immediately started playing outside. There was a swing that was built right in front of the house, that overlooked a fairy garden and rare farm tools. To sit on that swing, I felt like a kid again. Barefoot, feeling the wind in my hair, and only hearing crickets, and the water behind me. Beside the house is a walkover bridge to the other side of the creek. The creek was clean, green, and cold. We saw frogs, crawfish, and little minnows. Behind the house was a spacious patio where there were chairs to lay down and relax right next to the flowing water. But our favorite place was the area for a bonfire. There were comfy chairs next to the fire, a picnic table to eat on, and a huge bench by the fire that allowed us to relax on. We didn’t even know if we would spend any time inside until we saw the inside.

The walls were covered in art, books, and very unique artifacts. Our favorite was all the books on the wall. There was a countless number of books. The house had them demonstrated throughout the house in different ways. Also in the bedroom, was a huge window that overlooked the creek and woods. There was actually another bedroom on the other side of this bed room with a twin bed, and a bunk bed. The kitchen was filled with character and utensils if needed. My favorite was the floral design plates. Very vibrant and colorful. The bathroom was really cool and very “open to nature”. You could put the curtains down if you’d like but when taking a shower, you could feel like you were outside.

The inside is indescribable honestly. Just walking in the front door, you feel like your in a world of your own. The creativity in the walls, the color in the art, and the happiness in the openness of the house is simply remarkable. The sounds, the smells, the feelings we had in the house was something out of a movie. We were undeniably happy. We were alone, in one of the most relaxing, pure places we have ever been together, and we had nothing to pull us away from our feelings and each other.

We had a campfire where we attempted to make smores, and mountain pies but were not very successful but it was so much fun. We had beef kabobs on the grill and salad, which were amazing! The grill on the ground works great and the campfire was literally perfect. It was easy to maintain and it was covered in little lights above us. It felt like we were the only ones in the world and the lights were fascinating with the stars behind them. Again, completely indescribable.

That night we spent time giggling by the fire, cooking and goofing off. We had the opportunity to lay in bed and just talk, and simply be together with the noise of the bugs, creek, and the sound of our laughs filling the bedroom. It was incredible and the bed was extremely comfortable. We had one of the best nights rest we have ever had staying the night here and we were undoubtedly saddened to leave. We wanted to stay our entire trip but Bob had some more surprises up his sleeve which took us to further locations in the state. We literally blew a kiss goodbye when we left. This place felt like home and we could stay here forever

Overall ,this Airbnb was truly different, home away from home, and was beyond words. If you are going to be in this area or want to stay somewhere that takes your breath away, this is the place to be. We wouldn’t change a single thing about it except that we wanted to stay there forever and couldn’t. We would 100% recommend this Airbnb in every single way and we will go back for sure when we can. Until next time Boho Shack!

Things to know about this Airbnb

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This airbnb is listed here.

You’ll likely not have any service at the cabin and there is no WiFi. We actually enjoyed this, and remember Inglebean is a short drive away so you can get some work done there and enjoy their awesome coffee and smoothies!

You will have the option to buy firewood for $15, which we did. You not only get the firewood, but a fire starter brick, which makes getting the fire going quite easy.

The cabin is has pretty much all you need except for food. You have a full kitchen, bedding, towels, etc.

The cabin sleeps up to 7, so it would be great for families or groups.

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