Our New Years Airbnb Experience

Ahh the celebrating the new year. I think for most people they want to go out, but for Kayla and I we really wanted to get away. The past couple of months leading up to new years have been very stressful with work, holidays, and more. So I thought getting away would be the perfect thing for us and I found an amazing Airbnb away from it all on a working grape farm in Ohio!

Getting to the Airbnb

This Airbnb is located in Creola, OH which is about a 3.5-4 hour drive from Pittsburgh. If you haven’t heard of Creola we don’t blame you, neither had we before this trip! Creola is pretty close to Hocking Hills, which is one of the reasons we found this Airbnb, more on Hocking Hills in a bit! Following a long road, which makes you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere you come up to Le Petit Chevalier Vineyards, which is where the Airbnb is located.

Our Airbnb Experience

As soon as we came up the driveway we were greeted by dogs, which Kayla absolutely loved. Taking a look around we were one a real grape farm, which was really cool. Not long after we arrived our host came and introduced himself and asked if we wanted to see the winery (which will be opening soon) and we agreed. He showed up around and it was really cool to see what they created and we plan to come back when the winery opens!

The Airbnb loft is located above the winery which was just built. As soon as we entered we were blown away at how nice it was and how it made us feel at home. Since it was just built pretty much everything was brand new and on the table we found some freshly baked nut bread from the host with a little note that said Happy New Years and thanks for staying. This Airbnb has pretty much everything you need for a full stay, you have a full kitchen with stove, and coffee and tea was provided as well as some small snacks.

The loft is very open, which made it feel quite large inside. There is a cute living room setup in the middle with the bed towards the end of the loft. Again, everything about this place just made us feel comfortable and allowed us to just sit back and relax.

We spent New Years eve just hanging out and talking about our favorite things we did this past year. Closer to midnight we did turn on the TV to watch the countdown and after we had drinks and danced. It was just so great to be together, but away from it all. It seemed like we could just forget about all the stresses of life, which was the whole idea behind the trip.

The next morning we were able to watch the sun come up. There is a deck off the loft which is perfect for watching the sun come up over the hills. Since we were so close to Hocking Hills we decided to have a little mini-adventure day. It was quite cold so we did not get to do as much adventuring as we would have liked but all in all it was a really fun day! Be sure to check out our original post on Hocking Hills to see it in the summer!

It was so nice to come back to such an amazing a relaxing place like this Airbnb. If you are planning to do any type of hiking or exploring in the Hocking Hills area this Airbnb is a perfect base camp. Thank you to our Airbnb host for creating such a relaxing and peaceful place! It was exactly what we needed to start off 2020!

Things to know about this Airbnb

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This airbnb is listed here.

You will need to climb a flight of stairs to get into the loft.

The loft has pretty much all you need except for food. You have a full kitchen, bedding, towels, etc.

The loft does have WiFi, a TV, DVD player, and a crate of DVDs.

While this loft is located above the winery it is by itself, which makes it perfect for those who like privacy.

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