The Hidden Waterfalls of Miners Run in the Loyalsock State Forest

We were so sad to leave our awesome Airbnb, but this was an adventure week for us so our next destination was hidden deep inside the Loyalsock State Forest. There is plenty to see at in the Loyalsock State Forest, but we were most intrigued by Miners Run, which really is not known all that well. If there is something we’ve learned on this trip is that going off the beaten path to explore waterfall creeks can be so rewarding, and Miners Run was just that!

Miners Run is not part of an official park, there is no real trail, I don’t even think there is a sign for it! The only way we even heard of it was through Jim of Uncovering PA.

Getting to Miners Run

Miners Run sits on Rock Run Road in the Loyalsock State Forest, which is about a 35 minutes north of Williamsport. If you are heading from that direction and going up Rock Run Road you’ll see a small pull-off on your left right before the first bridge. The GPS coordinates for this pull-off are 41.515884, -76.916664 (you can also look up 2216 Rock Run Rd, McIntyre Township, PA on Google Maps), if you end up crossing a bridge going up Rock Run Road you’ve gone too far.

The pull-off has room for a handful of cars, go ahead and park here.

Exploring Miners Run in the Loyalsock State Forest

There is a small trail right off of the pull-off where you will start your hike. You should be able to see and hear the first waterfall on the trail from Rock Run road. The first waterfall appears less than a minute into the hike and if you aren’t up for the longer hike this waterfall is worth checking out. It is around 10-12 feet high.

After the first waterfall the trail you initially took will disappear so you either have the choice of either hiking in the creek or hiking along one of the sides. We always enjoy hiking creeks as it makes the hike seem more adventurous. Just keep in mind if you do plan on hiking the creek you are going to get wet! The next waterfall is sort of a two-tier waterfall with the first tier being around 7-8 feet high. We were actually able to climb up this waterfall to see the second tier.

As you continue up the creek keep in mind that while this is not the longest hike you are hiking up a creek, over rock, etc so it will take longer than if you were on a trail. At times you’ll hike for well over 5 minutes before you see the next waterfall. The third waterfall is another two-tier fall, but it is one of the largest waterfalls on this hike. We were able to climb up this waterfall too!

The next waterfall is not very large, but it is very interesting. There is a large balancing rock in front of this waterfall. The rock is tall enough that you can actually walk under it, which is a little scary the first time you do it. It is very cool that the water actually runs right under this rock.

The next waterfall that you’ll encounter is also small, but has a pretty large pool in front of it. You can easily climb up this one too.

The next waterfall is definitely our favorite of all of Miners Run, what is interesting about it is that you can’t even see the whole thing from the bottom. Before we started investigating this waterfall we had lunch on a rock in front of it. If you packed a lunch or had a snack with you this is the perfect spot to enjoy it. We actually sat here for a good 30 minutes and were amazed that we were the only people here!

The first part of this waterfall is quite tall and steep, the way the water cuts through the rocks at the top it sort of makes two different streams that converge at the bottom of the falls where the water has created a little cove. It really was one of the most beautiful waterfalls that we’ve ever seen!

We were planning on climbing up this waterfall, but we couldn’t really find a safe way up, so we were forced to go around, which allowed us to get a really good view of the full two-tier waterfall. It is crazy that a waterfall as large and beautiful as this has hardly anything about it online and is not even mentioned on the Loyalsock State Forest website! That is what makes hikes like this so rewarding!

The second tier of the waterfall is more gradual and makes the water running down it look so unique and peaceful. The second tier is a good 20-25 feet by itself. Since it is more gradual you should be able to climb up it as we did.

The last set of waterfalls on Miners Run is not all that great or large, but they are worth checking out before you make you way back down the hill. The first is about 7-8 feet tall and the second is a more gradual waterfall that flows into a large pool.

Making your way back down hill is not all that hard. If you are looking down towards the way you came up you should see a grade / trail on your LEFT. It will take you back down to where you parked. At some points the trail is covered in moss and we joked “just follow the green-brick road!”. The trail takes you up above Miners Run, but you still should be able to hear the water. Remember the water should be on your RIGHT as you make your way down the hill.

Miners Run was one of the most rewarding waterfall hikes that we’ve done. Not only was it challenging, but that lack of information on it made it more of an adventure for us. We really enjoyed being together and sitting on that rock in front of our favorite waterfall of this adventure made us forget about everything else. This waterfall hike is worth driving hours to see and we are glad that we made it part of this trip!

Things to Know About Miners Run

You won’t have any service at Miners Run and it is likely that you’ll be the only person there. Be sure to let someone know where you are and please don’t hike by yourself. If something were to happen to you it would be days before someone would find you.

There is no real trail to see the waterfalls of Miners Run, so be prepared to hike along side or even in the creek, and of course be prepared to climb waterfalls!

Since you’ll be in the creek, climbing rocks and waterfalls make sure that you have proper footwear. Hiking boots or athletic shoes should be fine, but I would not recommend sandals.

Rock Run Road is not paved, this was not an issue for us as we visited in August, but in the winter this could be a problem unless you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

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