Lanterman’s Mill in the Winter

We haven’t gone on an adventure together since last year – actually only a couple months but Happy New Year! Kayla decided to go on a cold adventure by herself one day just to play with her camera but we decided the next week to go on a very… very cold adventure. 5 degree windchill didn’t hold us back from our trip. It did make us buy gloves, boots, and hot coffee before our trip but it was worth it and we think the shots turned out beautiful. Unfortunately, we didn’t talk much this video due to the weather conditions but we hope you love it! First stop this year, Lanterman’s Mill in Youngstown, Ohio.

Getting to Lanterman’s Mill

We did some research for heading on our journey and the engagement and nature photography had us hooked. It only took about an hour and a half to get to Lanterman’s Mill. It took a little bit longer than usual do to weather conditions and we decided to go in a snow storm. We also have been on a fitness journey but we got Five Guys to fill our bellies and to get warm (was so good!). Lanterman’s Mill can be located at the following address: 1001 Canfield Rd. (SR 62) Youngstown, OH 44511 or at these GPS coordinates: 41.066806, -80.682140. The back roads leading to the mill itself was beautiful. The trip was full of beautiful homes and snow covered fields. When you reach the little town, you can see the mill from the road! We couldn’t believe that this mill has been here since 1982. It’s still so beautiful and we couldn’t wait to get closer!

Exploring Lanterman’s Mill

The cold was almost shocking, so we had to run back and forth to the car many times just to warm our hands. There are many trails to explore here but we did end up only at the mill. When you first reach the trail you can see the beautiful water below. Hearing the crunching of the white snow beneath our feet and seeing the beauty in the icicles was almost magical. It was so quiet for being right on a main intersection. The old rustic building with the snow in the background was fascinating and the sun hitting it just right made it perfect. And to make the scene even more perfect, there is a old covered bridge in the background.

Our favorite was being right by the water and getting to see the old mill. Unfortunately there are certain months and hours that you can explore into the mill and it is very cheap to explore. On the outside of the mill there is still some education and facts about the mill. It explains about the purpose of the old mill, which to our understand was used for production of meal and flour. It is really neat to see what the community and the pioneers had to do. Some of the educational pieces that were outside were actually covered in snow and we didn’t want to ruin the beauty of the nature and did not capture the pictures here.

Again, we didn’t get much footage together due to being so unbelievably cold but we did have an amazing time capturing such a beautiful scene that doesn’t happen very often. Everything was frozen besides the raging waters right in the center of the waterfall. We had a great time filming this area but our camera batteries did die extremely fast due to the weather as well. Was overall a very rough day to film and to enjoy the day together but if you want that perfect shot, it was a perfect day (minus the cold!). We definitely want to get back there in the spring to see all the other trails, other bridges and to explore everything nearby.

After wrapping up freezing our butts off, we decided to drive home, heat fully on in the car, and get some mexican food. We decided to stop at a newly opened Emilianos near Pittsburgh. Bob’s food was perfect! He loved it and Kayla’s was okay. It was nice to relax and get something warm and spend time together. We actually got to watch some of the Penguin game here and got to sit by a fireplace, which was so nice after the freezing day we had.

Even though the cold really did get in the way of capturing what we normally would like to, we still had a great adventure! We can’t wait to go back and see everything Lanterman’s Spring has. We definitely recommend and stay tuned for all the great things to come in 2019!

Lanterman’s Mill Photo Gallery