Taughannock Falls & Robert H. Treman State Park

The second day in New York had to be one of our favorite and most memorable days on this trip. One thing we gifted on this trip was to start each of our days with a grateful heart for being able to go on these adventures and seeing all the beauty this world has to offer. Our next beautiful adventure brought us to Taughannock Falls State Park. These falls were only about 20 minutes away from our hotel and was a peaceful drive through the backroads. When getting there you do not realize the huge waterfall ahead and just looks like a parking lot. Little did we know there was a waterfall plunging 215 feet past rocky cliffs that tower nearly 400 feet above the gorge. It is weird to think that these falls actually stands three stories taller than Niagara Falls.

We did stay at the overlook for a little bit and got some amazing images and it truly was one of the most memorable of all the falls we have ever gone to. Seeing the mist hitting all the rocks below, the green all around us, the rushing water, and the colored stones below our feet were something you would have to see in real life to really see these falls. There are several trails you can take around these falls but the one we decided to take was the Gorge Trail. The Gorge Trail is about a mile along Taughannock Creek to the base of the falls. There were some amazing stops on the way and this trail was an easy hike.

When getting to the bottom of the falls, it was extremely cold and felt like you were right next to falls due to the mist hitting your face. We couldn’t get many shots or video here due to the water and our equipment but the views were worth the walk and cold chills. You can get really close to the falls and views from below are unexplainable. We would recommend bringing on umbrella for your equipment and for you. We were one of the only people here which was nice to get some shots. We did see a lot of people on the trails and the overlook was a little bit more busy in traffic than the lower fall views. We didn’t stay very long in this area due to weather but we would like to go back on a warmer day possibly. We heard that the falls are even more perfect in the winter.

After viewing the falls from below, we took the Gorge Trail back to our car. We decided to take our wet feet to another destination called Robert H. Treman State Park. Not only did this area have a waterfall that you could actually swim in (we didn’t because it was only 50 degrees that day) but it also had winding trails following the gorge that included 12 waterfalls. The biggest of the falls being the 115-foot Lucifer Falls, to where you can see a mile-and-a-half down the gorge as it winds its way to the lower park. This place was truly a dream. We were the only people there almost for the entire day. No one was swimming in the first area called the Lower falls at Robert Treman State Park and is the most visible of the park’s dozen waterfalls. You could almost hear the laughter in the air, the joys of summer on the beach, and the memories of this area, that’s how beautiful it was. After visiting this area for a short while, we decided to take the Gorge Trail to the other falls and views.

The Gorge Trail was about a 2 mile walk but every inch was filled with rock, views, waterfalls, and cascades. This trail was mildly difficult for us due to the stairs but worth it. The man made stairs genuinely made this area look even more unique in style. Again, we hardly saw anyone our entire time here and it was a great place almost every few feet to get some great shots. There were some places here where it could get a little slippery as well there are some areas where the gorge does not have a railing so make sure you are cautious. When you get closer to the largest falls, it almost looks like it’s the end of the world. The height, contrast of colors with the water and the sounds of the waters rushing over the stones, is truly something you must experience in real life.

When we were done shooting, we decided to take the Rim Trail to see the entire falls from the other side of the trail. This trail was one of our most difficult trails we have walked together. I say this because there are plenty of stairs and steep hills. We had to stop a couple times to catch our breaths and to get some water. But when you get to the views across the way, the huffing and puffing was 100% worth it. You can see the entire falls from top to bottom, even cascades the follow behind the falls, as well as the beautiful wrapped staircase around the views. So if you do plan a trip, the steps are worth it, and you can do it! And it will be worth it!

After going to these amazing falls, I wanted some Mexican for my birthday! So we decided to go to a place near our hotel, which was called Old Mexico. This restaurant was amazing! We couldn’t praise the service enough. They were fast, customer service oriented, and the food was delicious. We also got a couple drinks since we were celebrating my birthday, and they were made perfectly. We had so much fun at this restaurant and we wanted to go every single day but we ended up trying new places each day. Silly us! So if you are staying in the Elmira area, stay at the Roadway Inn and drive a couple minutes down the road to Old Mexico. You won’t regret it and you will get a full belly as well.

Overall, this day was exhausting but absolutely amazing. We were extremely sore after this day and wet due to the weather and areas we explored. So, make sure you bring some gear, boots, and some Tylenol if you decide to go through these areas. When people say, “always take the scenic route”, take it. This trip was full of memories we wouldn’t have been able to obtained without getting the opportunity to go beyond the trails and paths marked. We loved these falls and we highly recommend them! Just when we thought we were sore enough, we decided to go to a park the next day with 5 falls…stay tuned!

Taughannock Falls & Robert H. Treman State Park Photo Gallery