Rimrock Overlook

Bob and I always try and make the most of each trip we take. The same day as Kinzua we decided to adventure off to a place called Rimrock. One thing I have learned over the years is to always take the time to do the things that make you the happiest. Rimrock was only 40 minutes away from Kinzua State Park and we couldn’t pass up the chance to visit this must see overlook.

Rimrock Overlook Trail is about a 3 mile out and back trail located near Mead Township, Pennsylvania. The trail looked as if it was good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking. We decided to take a short trail down steep stairs leads to a scenic view of Kinzua Bay, where we saw boats and distant beaches. There is a roughly 200 foot elevation drop from the parking area, down the stairs to the rocky overlook. There is a picnic area located near the parking area if you wanted to have lunch before or after seeing the amazing views. The area before the outlook would be worth the trip itself due to the scenery and rocky landscape.

When we got to the beautiful overlook, there is a little staircase that leads you down to another overlook. The stairs are extremely steep and they are very narrow. We actually had to leave our backpack at the top of the stairs before going down. Both views are breathtaking but we did travel our way back up the stairs to enjoy the view. The view almost takes the breath right out of you due to the rolling hills, the baby blue sky, and the sound of the water below.

We did get some amazing shots and we did meet some friends on the way (snakes). Make sure to just be on the lookout for snakes on these trails because we did find quite a few. Those are the only little creatures we saw other than bugs. The sound of the birds is almost like a song and the wind feels amazing after a little hike. We also were the only people there for the most part, which was great for our shots.

Seeing this gorgeous overlook was the best way to end this day. We got to just relax, hold hands, and be together. Rimrock was definitely one of the easiest places we have gone to get amazing shots and video. No matter the angle we shot from, it was beautiful. We couldn’t wait to see how the photography came out with the views behind us. We would recommend this trip to all ages and to bring your camera!

After all the walking, photography, and driving, we wanted to get something to eat. We both wanted to get something that was family owned (like we always do) and we both were craving BBQ for some reason. We found a place called Wells Hog Wild BBQ.When we got there, it looked like the were closed since there were no cars in the parking lot but we decided to try and check it out. It was the most amazing BBQ we both have ever had (and I am from the south!). We tried many of their signature sauces and we loved them all. If we could have physically eaten it all we would have, We also were the only ones in the restaurant which was nice. It seemed like they were receiving a lot of calls though and plenty of people get takeout from this restaurant. We 100% would recommend this place and we will be going back very soon!

Overall, Rimrock was one of our favorite places due to the view, the nature, the colors in the trees and the experience overall. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, a better time with one another, and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day together. Even though we both were exhausted, we realized that anything is possible with each other and pushing each other to do all we can and be all we can be. We can’t wait for our next adventure, or two!

Rimrock Overlook Photo Gallery